Join Astrologer Naomi Simpson and Psychic Medium & Intuitive Development Teacher Barbara Quinton for a lovely, inspiring afternoon of learning and fun, engaging opportunities to expand your knowledge and awareness through astrology and intuition!
A light lunch will be provided with options of coffee, tea and 2 glasses of complimentary wine

Join us Sunday November 13th, 2022, from 10:30am-3:00pm at Uncorked (by Winescape) at 92 Commerce Park Drive, Barrie, ON.  

What to expect:
The day will begin with an introduction of the facilitators and then dive in to engage guests in exploring their connection within the world of astrology. During the provided light lunch, Barbara and Naomi will engage the group with astrology and psychic & mediumship readings!  After lunch, guests begin the second half of the workshop, expanding their energy and minds to engage in fun, interactive intuitive exercises.

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Naomi Simpson - CAAE Certified Astrologer​​​​​​​
Hi!  I’m Naomi Simpson, a CAAE certified astrologer, transformation coach, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and seeker.
I offer a safe and compassionate space to delve deep into your life lessons to transform and grow.  I love to share the wisdom of astrology with clients, family and friends through exploring the road map of the Birth Chart.  I help clients use the cosmic cycles as a calendar, to learn what areas of life to focus on at specific times to maximize opportunity.  Living in sync with the stars,  life flows with greater ease!
You can find me at
Course Description: 
Feeling stuck?  Want to live with greater ease and purpose?  Learn to live in synchrony with your natural cycles and in balance with your inherent elemental framework.  Let life flow with ease!  In this interactive seminar, we will explore how to discover your natal Sun, Moon and Ascendant (or Rising) signs in your birth chart, as well as what they express about you.  We will talk about living in synchrony with the lunar and seasonal cycles, as well as bringing the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) of your temperament into balance.
Barbara Quinton - Psychic Medium
Barbara Quinton is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Practitioner and Intuitive and Mediumship Development Teacher, based out of Innisfil, ON.  Barbara has both her Reiki and readings practise with her business Redfern Healing and she, along with her partner, own and operate, which specializes in metaphysical, psychic and wellness events.
It is Barbara’s passion and mission as a Lightworker and conduit for spirit, to empower our intuitive selves and to be a true link to the spirit world, by providing inspired, evidential messages of love and healing.
You can find me at
Course Description: 
As a healer & medium, I know first-hand the importance of intuitive living!
With years of education and training, I love to bring a fun, easy-going approach to teaching the inner workings of intuition, psychic and mediumship! In this workshop we will talk about your personal experiences, get the answers to all your questions and I will provide you with opportunities to delve into your intuitive senses, leaving you feeling empowered and excited about your abilities!

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